First Baptist Waco
08/10/2014    Leaders

Gathering Music Peter Emerson
Welcome to Worship
Psalm 95 Sanctuary Choir
  Words:Psalm 95 Music:David Bolin
Like a River Glorious (60) The Congregation
Words:Frances Ridley Havergal Music:James Mountain  
Children's time with Robin
For As The Rains Come Down Sanctuary Choir
  Words: Music:Wagner
Psalm 119:33-40
As the Deer (49) The Congregation
Words:Martin Nystrom Music:Martin Nystrom  
Offering Prayer
What Wondrous Love Is This? Samuel Still
  Arr:Dan Forrest
The Proclamation Jamie McCallum
Grace Alone (43) The Congregation
Words:Scott Wesley Brown Music:Scott Wesley Brown  
The Amen Alex Kosadinov